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Losi 8ight 2.0 E Review By Piraterc

Losi 8ight 2.0 E Review by piraterc

In the world 1/8 scale nitro off-road rallycross dominance a new breed is born and it is that of the electric 1/8 scale rallycross buggy. Not content with there current electric classes the have now evolved and started to branch into a very competitive nitro dominated class. It seems to be the case that America will lead with the evolution and the rest of the world will follow. Having seen the big name drivers racing the electric rallycross buggies and the various manufacturers now with full running electric versions of there popular nitro counterparts lets take a closer look at the new Losi 8ight 2.0 E.

The 8IGHT-E 2.0 Race Roller is a competition buggy chassis that has been hand-built and tuned to exacting specifications. The 8IGHT-E 2.0 Race Roller offers several innovative design elements including a powerful Xcelorin 2100Kv brushless motor and speed control, a Tuned Flex Technology chassis, lightened shock towers, an updated suspension geometry, a race-inspired body design and more. You can be sure your 8IGHT-E 2.0 Race Roller is ready for serious competition as soon as you open the box.

Well having never driven an electric RC anywhere besides the back garden with the kids I was only to happy to jump at the opportunity to have a go with the new Losi 8ight 2.0 E. my initial impression is mmm this looks cool clearly no nitro engine under that shell as the buggy is handed over to me, Wow this feels really heavy mind you there is a perfectly justified reason for this once you remove the shell its the huge 14v LIPO battery that's providing the power for this badboy. With perhaps the shortest possible time to glance over the car it was right I am ready to rumble lets get it out on the race track and do some laps.

Losi 8ight 2.0 E Review by piraterc

The destination circuit was to be Action Park RC "Novarossi Raceway" a full astro turf circuit based in essex. the track is extremely high traction in the dry and very slippery in the wet. For testing it was a lovely warm sunny afternoon so no problem with traction what so ever. The track layout offers a number of features firstly there is an assortment of jumps varying in size and dimension a large table top that hold center stage and not forgetting the undulating sections and that large banked corner.

Armed with a spectrum radio and with some sound advice to take it easy for the first lap or 2 hell who ever listens to sound advice when you have a radio in your hands and you about to try the 2nd generation of a whole new concept in electric 1/8 rallycross cars the little demon kicked in and I just floored it and it erupts into an whirr as it literally takes off in an instant "AWSOME STUFF" with totally forgetting to slow down to take the first corner i gently just rolled it into the tyre wall oops. This will take a little getting used to but what pure power and speed being delivered by the Xcelorin 2100 kva brushless motor its a monster.

Getting used to the throttle and finding the correct rhythm to control the raw power being delivered with the slightest squeeze of the throttle took a bit of getting used to. This is insane the instant torque and speed delivery is immense so actually getting used to the car didn't take very long at all. The buggy is well balanced and is almost like driving the nitro version with out the noise of the engine.

I am rather surprisingly impressed with the losi 8ight 2.0 E and feel that its a totally worth while purchase being a sworn Nitro junkie for too many years i could be converted to racing the electric alternative rallycross class with very little persuasion indeed. There is some real plus points and advantages to running this car

  • You do not require a pit man to go racing just drop the car down and off you go

  • You do not need to be able to tune a nitro engine to be on the pace

  • You are competitive straight out the box " well the car is anyhow"

  • No starter box required whoo one less thing to charge and take racing

One big thing i did miss was the sound that we all love about Nitro 1/8 rallycross racing instead there was the whirr of the motor that could be heard I guess if you really wanted some sound a rather well positioned peg with a piece of cardboard could generate some. Or perhaps a sound box with pre recordered nitro engine sounds. But that's just me being silly once you have full heats flying around the race tracks it wont make any difference at all.

Losi 8ight 2.0 E Review by piraterc

For someone who wants to be part of the best class in RC but who doesn't want the headache with engine tuning etc then this is surely the best way forward most of the major manufacturers have electric kits out already and for those who don't there is plenty of after market sites that offer a conversion kits.

Lets have a look at the weight difference of a losi 8ight 2.0 vs the 8ight 2.0 E

Ready to race weight for the nitro buggy is 3343grams.

Ready to race weight for the electric buggy is 3790grams with the 14.4v losi lipo and optional heat sink as pictured below.

Losi 8ight E under the hood

Undressing the Losi 8ight E we see the internals that make things work! a very neat well thought out layout. Allowing plenty of space for the Large Lipo Battery that is used to power the buggy the losi Xcelorin 2100kv motor is encased with a new optional heat sync to dissipate more heat. The radio gear all housed in its neat radio box

lets take a look inside the beasty that powers the 2.0 E Fortunately for me i was given a Losi Xcelorin 2100KV to pull apart and checkout the internals that make it go. Fortunately I have been given a motor to pull apart and have a look inside ( I'm no expert but what an anticlimax its just a bunch of copper wire and a encased center thingy )

Xcelorin Brushless Systems from Losi represent the latest development in brushless power and performance. The 1/8-scale Xcelorin Sensorless Motors and Electronic Speed Control will convert any 8IGHT-based race or RTR vehicle into an electric vehicle. Enjoy the brute torque and speed achieved through brushless technology with Losi's 1/8-scale Xcelorin Sensorless Brushless Systems.


  • - Powerful four pole, high-speed 670-sized brushless motor

  • - Minimal motor maintenance required

  • - Precision motor ball bearings for smoother operation

  • - Sintered Neodymium rotor

  • - Longer run times

Overall :

Im kinda sitting on the fence with this one now as you would be a pioneer in an uncharted racing class. As there is yet to be sufficient numbers of 1/8th eletric rallycross cars attending race meetings to compete in a class of there own. So you just thrown into the mix with the nitro beastys not the best way but hell we all want to race and if thats the way to race for the time being bring it on. One thing for sure by choosing the Losi 8ight 2.0 Eyou are getting what i would consider one of the best eletric 1/8th buggys on the market at present. It was very hard to return it to Wayne perhaps oneday I will get one of my own to race test.

I would like to thank the following people for there assistance with this review as with out them I would never have written this review.

Wayne Pratley : With out him offering up his own brand new Losi 8ight E 2.0 for me to play with!!!

Dave Spashett (Horizon Hobby UK) For lending his motor, battery and conversion kit for the review

Emma & Grim (Action Park RC) allowing me to borrow there track for testing and a photo shoot

Keith Newton (keefopaint
) for painting the bodyshell or check out his forum gallery HERE

Piraterc ( Photography)

Piraterc (Writing the review)



Added:  Tuesday, September 08, 2009
Reviewer:  Site Admin
hits: 3617
Language: eng


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