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Mugen Mbx6 Build Review By : Brian Mcginty

Well After waiting for what seemed a blinkning age this
arrived at the front door   Grin 
 oh happy days!!!

Nice Box!

Take a look at the chassis work of art milled and anodized beautifully

Mugens version of the atkins diet!!! 

As with most builds first thing to do is the diff gears standard format of 6
gear diffs with the rather nice lightened parts

a few mins later and violla built and numbered so i dont forget!!

The one thing i really do like about mugen kits is the fact you have to build
your own driveshafts people may ask why do you like this? because if you build
them and they fall apart its your own fault!!

A real neat thing i stumbled upon at this point, the roll bar links are moulded
1 piece units much better than making the things yourself!  Bonus!!

Front and rear gearboxes built up nice and easy job thanks to the quality of the
materials used

Cuppa time!!!

Now back to work, mugen seiki have been keen admirers of the pbs system some
love it some hate it (marmite springs to mind)  i have to say personaly i like
it and they have made some improvements with it. Notice on the balls they have a
stop point this makes it so so so much easier to get both sides equal and the
only thing to worry about now is the camber angle. And on another side note
check out the cvd joints and the amount of holes in them, this will help extend
the parts life as when one hole becomes worn simply move onto the next one!!
excellent  and they also have little holes in which you can add oil to the
bearing then re seal it with the grub screw very good idea if your in a rush!!

all built up with nice carbon bits!!

Front Gearbox and tower all built up, and with a super thick alloy brace! even
the carbon towers are super thick Bloody Hell!!

Servo saver and driveshaft attached, and at this point i realised i had put the
top arms on the wrong way round oh *******  on a brighter note you can see the
cnc ackerman plate beautiful quality

After that slight embarrasment and feeling a tad annoyed the rear end was all
built up, again the thick shock tower really catches your attention and not to
mention another whopping ally brace!!

A nice addition to the kit the mud guards i like these and im sure they will be
worth their weight in gold come the winter series and horrible weather thats
hitting us !!

Check out the brake pads!! im sure these are better than the ones i had on my
real car!!! if these dont slow me down nothing will

Tea Time again!!

Center diff all made with lovely brakes and carbon top plate, did i mention how
nice the brakes are!!

And this is how the front end looks when built the right way slaps himself hard.

and as if by magic!!  "shazam" the front rear and center are slapped onto the
chassis starting to look like a buggy now.......  something to note the
mudgaurds actually screw into the chassis !!  instead of vice versa nice idea
and it works bonus!!

lovely rear cnc brace i do love the mugen bling bits!!

On to the radio tray and mugen have broken the mould here they usually have the
radio box allow hump packs not anymore though stick packs seem the order of the
day (damn anyone want some of my hump packs 
)  im also pleased to say it easily accomodated my not so small spektrum
reciever and my lipo regulator grand job!!!

Cue lipo stick pack for battery duties very nice this

and it fits in nice and easy which is a charm need to change the connector
though why do they stick these crap connectors on....

Radio tray in place all nice and no moans here

next step was to add the fuel tank, nice and simple design i used shoe goo to
add fuel line clips to the tank to keep everything neat and tidy

While leaving that to set i started to sort the engine out, with thanks to
answer rc i slapped on a set of answer rc clutch shoes and used 1 x 1mm spring
and 2x 1.1 springs . Not shown in the shot is the mugen engine mount sadly its
not a single piece job but they are very nice none the less.

Now the shocks big bores which are always nice and threaded to very bling, i
wont bore people now may be a tad late after reading all of this as the
remaining parts where simply the linkage and the wing mount!!

So much better to show the finished article minus shell which needs to be
sprayed, the pipe is a bit of a tight fit but shouldnt pose to much of an issue
i hope.

Overall the build was excellent as is to be expected with a mugen kit i have
built a few of them but this was as good if not better than the others. The
parts used are fantastic including the bling parts. As mentioned previously the
only downside is the pipe but im sure i can sort that with a smaller manifold i
did suffer this problem on my other car maybe someone should tell sirio to use
shorter manifolds!!

The Car is also a lot lighter than the old 5r which is a good step forward by
mugen, i still think its a bit heavier than an 808 but im not fussed at all with
a bit of weight it should handle and drive very easily so i wont complain if
this proves to be true

The only thing left to do now is test drive it and that will happen next week at
herts srs so until then Keep Burning Nitro!!!

Massive Thanks To The Following People

Josh and Ry from Je spares

Pete from Answer Rc

Richard From Pirate Rc

and Special mention to

Toby from rc snaps

Added:  Saturday, October 11, 2008
Reviewer:  Site Admin
hits: 4242


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