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XRAY 808 Review BY: Piraterc

So its Piraterc Review time again and I have decided its the 808 buggy that has captured the attention of the RC world and so its the chosen Rallycross buggy for this review. I was privileged enough to see this car under test conditions with the UK Xray Team and had the exclusive first track photo's. Since the release of the new Xray 808 its been at the winning end of many races so far around the world with its complete re design as a high level competition rallycross buggy.

As with every xray car I have owned the quality is second to none and with this new car its of the same high standard even the fantastic manual is so easy to follow.


With every review of a kit there is always extra bits you need lets take a brief look at what equipment I will be using for this review

Radio Sanwa M11
Sanwa DSSS
Steering Servo
Team Associated XP Digital DS1015
Throttle Servo
Sanwa Hyper ERG-VZ
Ninja JX 21B01
Odonnell 30%

With many innovative new features its proving to be the top choice for any driver upgrading or changing there existing chassis .There is no questions there is no choice the 808 is simply the one to race to give you the edge on the race track where it truly counts.

This is one car that just screams to be let loose on the race track to tear up the dirt and lift you to the next levil of your racing ability.


With the Front Center and Rear Diff's Assembled its time to get cracking with the the build.

True to form Xray have a fantastic manual that's extremely easy to follow assembling the front and rear transmission is extremely straight forward.

Immediately the change in design is apparent as there is a totally different approach to the diff/ drive shaft design with the pinion gear and pin are no longer held in by grub screws it is captivated with the new larger bearings used to provide high performance and the whole end of the drive shaft is now encased into the diff casing.

I have used O'donnell O'Lube on all the bearings in this build as it is a dry wax lubricant that dosent leave a oily finish and helps to keep dust and dirt out of your bearings. It also prevents abrasive wear and can be used on driveshafts, driveshaft joints and of course bearings.

Im sure by now you would have noticed that I have used the blue nyloc nuts instead of the standard silver ones from the kit. My reasoning for this is they are ever so slightly shorter than the kit ones and actually lock better. I feel the kit screws in some places could be a extra mm or 2 longer to allow 100% loc as the last thing you want is for one to come loose during a race.

The tyres you see on the rimms are Elements Trekker Rally Cross tyre. This tyre has been developed by top UK and EU racers with the goal of creating massive forwards traction, awesome side bite and more acceleration.

To complete these objectives the tread design has been optimised with the triangular central section being able to cut into the surface for unparalleled forwards traction. The outer edge of the tyre has also been worked on to give excellent cornering characteristics by stiffening up the side wall under load with the bars. The final stage was to reduce the overall diameter of the tyre to reduce weight and gain more acceleration

Onto the rear suspension where yet again we seen new design the use of inner pivot pins that take a nyloc nut along with different shaped lower arms. There is the new carbon fiber shock towers that are not just prity they help to reduce the weight of the car.

Having a look from the rear of the car you can see the inner pivot pins that go directly through locking in the front with a nyloc nut.

A nice improvement is the marked anti roll bars that have the size identified in the middle with the engraved lines ( number of lines tell you visually what size anti roll bar you have on the car) this means no more sifting through your pit box for a Caliper/ Vernier. Xray have a nice variation in sizes available as additional extra's

Xray 808 Clutch assembly and engine of choice

Ninja JX 21B01

Specially developed 3.5cc Buggy engine which meets all actual off road drivers' requirements.

Flexible, easy to use, with an amazing reliability. Resist to very high temperatures it provides huge torque and incredibly high RPM, while on the other hand this powerful engine insures a smooth and controllable acceleration from a very low RPM range.


  • Displacement 3.49 ccm

  • Rotation max. 43.000 rpm

  • Stroke 16.79 mm

  • Bore 16.27 mm

  • Ports 5

  • Sleeve ABC

  • Crankshaft Diam. 14 mm

  • Glow Plug Type Conical

  • Exhaust Rear

  • Carb. Diameter 7.5 mm var.

  • Carb. Material Aluminium

  • Adjustment Single

  • Weight 363 g


Moving forward we see how the engine has been moved forward and more central to give better balance. The radio case has not had much of a design overhaul and is prity much the same configuration as with the previous xray buggies.

However moving onto the graphite radio plate the geometry has changed due to the new car design, Here depending on what servo you use for the throttle break setup you may have to shim the servo in order to gain chassis clearance.

I have chosen a Sanwa ERG VZ servo and had to shimm it in order to clear the chassis as advised in the manual.

With the all new redesigned 808 chassis which has been made narrower and approx 1cm longer additionally ad shown above the engine placement has been moved forward.

Xray 808 Chassis

Then we have the new Xray Big bore shockers

No modern rallycross buggy would be complete without big bore shocks and the 808 is no exception. these threaded big-bore hard-anodized shock bodies are some of the easiest to work with that I have come accross so far.

Just watching the 808 around the track it seems to be in a world of its own simply gliding over the bumps and seems to have the grace and poise of a ballet dancer in the air simply gliding.

Enough of that it rides the bumps very well and is exceptional in the air and very well balanced. Allowing you the driver to experience performance where it counts on the race tracks.

Big bore shocks

Lets have a look as some comparisons between the Xray 808 and the Xray XB8-EC


XRAY 808 Specs:


Length:    490mm

Chassis length: 400mm

Wheelbase:    319~330mm

Width:   308mm

Weight:   1869g

Approximate running weight:  3250g


Pinion: 10T front / rear

Crown gear: 43T front / rear

Clutchbell: 16T

Spur gear: 42T

Primary Ratio: 4.3:1

Final Gear Ratio: 10.37~12.33 (kit = 11.29)



Length: 482 mm

Width: 306 mm

Height: 180 mm

Wheelbase: 321~327mm

Weight: 3350 g


Pinion/Spur: 12/40

Primary Ratio: 3.33:1

Internal Ratio: 3.54:1

Final Gear Ratio: 11.79:1


Assembly Rating
Manual (for the required assembly)
Initial Impression
Final buil rating
Rating is out of 5

A total Kit Build always great to allow you to get to know how your car works end to end
Nice easy instructions to follow
Light, Strong, Good Handling, Good Jumping

I feel some of the kit screws could be a mm or 2 longer
No switch provided in the kit
Bearings dont last long


So having a look at all the options now available for the 808 lets have a look at how big the dent in your bank balance will be. However bear in mind having spoken to so many xray 808 drivers already this car is perfect the way it is and the only option that people are getting is the one piece engine mount to make things a little easier.

XB808 Graphite Center Diff Mounting Plate
XB808 Graphite Upper Plate
XB808 Alu One-Piece Engine Mount - Swiss 7075 T6 - Hard Coated
XB808 Alu Rear Lower Susp. Holders Set- Swiss 7075 T6 (7mm) - Hard Coated
XB808 Alu Front Lower Susp. Holders Set - Swiss 7075 T6 (7mm) - Hard Coated
XB808 Front Alu Shock Tower Swiss 7075 T6 (3mm) - Hard Coated
XB808 Alu Rear Shock Tower Swiss 7075 T6 (3mm) - Hard Coated
XB808 Alu Adjustable Rear Hub Carrier - Swiss 7075 T6 - Hard Coated + Ball Bearings
XB808 Alu Stand For Engine Mount - Novarossi, RB, Max, JP, Sirio - Hard Coated
XB808 Front Alu Brace Swiss 7075 T6 (5Mm) - Hard Coated
XB808 Alu Rear Brace Swiss 7075 T6 (5mm) - Hard Coated
XB808 Alu Steering Block Left - Swiss 7075 T6 - Hard Coated + Ball Bearings
XB808 Alu Steering Block Right - Swiss 7075 T6 - Hard Coated + Ball Bearings
XRAY XB808 Active Diff


2008 XRAY 808 New Parts Overview:

• All-new XRAY racing buggy platform

• Pure racing design focused on ultra-low weight and superior handling

• Considerably lower weight than previous versions, as light as the lightest buggies in the

• New narrower chassis with improved weight distribution makes the car much more stable and easier to drive

• New racing suspension and all-new suspension geometry for increased steering and


• New front & rear suspension arms

• Suspension arms ready for easy mud protector assembly

• New steering blocks and caster blocks

• New suspension holders with integrated preset optimal suspension geometry

• New suspension pivot pins inboard and outboard

• New front upper suspension mounting

• New front and rear optimised roll center positions on shock towers

• New rear uprights

• New drivetrain

• New CVD drive shafts

• New Direct Shaft Connection™ to the pinion gear

• New longer steering rods to prevent suspension geometry changes during suspension

• New composite ball-joints and turnbuckles for front and rear suspension

• New relief rear ball-joints

• New anti-roll bars

• More centralized engine positioning

• New narrow servo saver and steering system

• New ultra-short graphite steering plate

• New one-piece graphite radio plate

• New rear flexible composite brace

• New super-efficient gear ratios

• New gear boxes with Labyrinth Dust Covers™

• New lighter ball-bearings in uprights and steering blocks

• New lower central differential stands with central diff placed lower

• New larger, stronger, more reliable clutch bearings

• New clutchbell

• New ratio with smaller spur gear and larger clutchbell for reduced rotating weight

• New longer wheelbase for higher stability and improved balance when jumping

• New 4mm extra-thick front and 3.5mm rear premium-grade graphite shock towers

• All-new big-bore oversized shocks for improved handling on bumpy tracks and big jumps

• New threaded big-bore hard-anodized shock bodies

• New shock design allows for super-easy building and servicing

• New 1-piece aluminium hard-anodized shock cap

• New big-bore shock pistons with precision-round shape for perfect movement
inside the shock body

• New big-bore shock membranes for precision dampening

• Lower shock assembly includes internal foam dust-protector

• XRAY Premium Shock Oils for perfect consistency

• New lower shock mounting assembly minimizes oil leakage

• New ultra-low profile racing body from high-quality Lexanฎ

• A winner’s pedigree & DNA – countless National and Championship titles, Multiple Car-of-

the-Year awards…

XRAY 808 Specs:


• Length:    490mm

• Chassis length: 400mm

• Wheelbase:    319~330mm

• Width:   308mm

• Weight:   1869g

• Approximate running weight:  3250g


• Chassis: CNC-machined Swiss 7075 T6 hard coated aluminium

• Radio tray: CNC-machined 2.5mm graphite

• Front upper deck: Composite

• Central diff upper deck: Composite

• Braces:  Composite braces (front / rear)


• Adjustable suspension with preset geometry

• Rear suspension: Lower H-arm with adjustable upper camber link

• Front suspension: Zero Kingpin suspension

• Rear upright: Composite with 3 roll center positions

• Shocks: 15.3mm big-bore machined aluminium threaded shock bodies hard coated,

oil-filled coil-over with 3.5mm shafts

• Shock towers: Front 4.0mm graphite, rear 3.5mm graphite


• Type: Full-time shaft-drive 4WD w/ center differential

• Primary:  Steel spur gear / clutchbell

• Drive shafts: HUDY Spring SteelTM CVD drive shafts

• Central shafts: HUDY Spring SteelTM Direct Connection Shafts TM

• Differentials: Sealed, 6 gear, silicone-filled

• Clutch: Aluminium 3-shoe

• Bearings: Rubber-sealed


• Pinion: 10T front / rear

• Crown gear: 43T front / rear

• Clutchbell: 16T

• Spur gear: 42T

• Primary Ratio: 4.3:1

• Final Gear Ratio: 10.37~12.33 (kit = 11.29)

Body, Tires, Wheels & Misc.

• Body: XRAY 808 body

• Tires: Not included

• Wheels: Not included, standard 17mm hub

• Fuel tank: 120cc capacity with hypertonic tank lid and internal stone-type filter

Adjustment Possibilities:

• Camber, front toe-in, wheelbase, rear anti-squat, front and rear roll center, Ackermann

• Optionally adjustable: rear toe-in, front kick-up, rear anti-squat

Added:  Sunday, August 17, 2008
Reviewer:  Site Admin
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