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Losi 8IGHT Build REVIEW by Joe J -

Opening the box presents the usual sealed parts bags 7 in this case A-G along
with the stunning looking chassis & fuel tank. Tools are provided by Losi for
the build and Iím going to build the new 8IGHT with the tools provided.

Bag A is the first port of call, the servo saver setup is rather good with a
very small ackerman plate. The fuel tank also gets the thumbs up I like the way
the tank posts & the saver posts are located to the chassis along with the large
grommets to ensure no tank shake!.

Onto the front diff, the quality if parts do look very good indeed, the planet
gears look solid and a good finish to them also. On completion of the front diff
case it dose feel a little to tight, very grindy on the pinion gear! Iím sure
things will loosen up after a few runs?

Just found the problem, the pinion gear was not seated properly, with the CVD
attached pull hard on the pinion gear and this will seat and feels a lot better

Onto section B-05Ö

Very interesting design with the drive shaft CVDís in the fact they are hidden
within the bearings & uses the inner case of the bearing to secure the pin that
holds the CVD together, all this is then covered by the hub carrier! ďA very
neat idea indeedĒ

Summery of front end:

Some indication as to what the stuff inside the small red tube would be good, as
everyone will assume its oil, its not its lock tight! Not until you open Bag B
you discover the small grease packet. I wonder how many people will lock tight
the front diff together!! ;)

Iím impresses so far with the design like the sealed diff unit, everything is
very well thought out, all nuts are recessed within the plastic parts & I like

The center diff assembly went together pretty well, attention is needed when it
comes to the brake linkages, it feels a little tight but once installed it works
well, and making sure the brake cam arm is installed the correct way up
otherwise it fails on the center diff case.

Note: 3 of the tools provided have rounded off completely; I would suggest you
get some pukka tools for the Losi8 but I wanted to give it a go!

The rear end was pretty straight forward to build, the rear diff with its
reversed crown wheel dose present a slight problem when tightening up the
screws, they do rub on the crown wheels teeth as you tighten them up, its a
fairly minor issue but you may think its wrong as your doing it.

The rear center CVD pin is a very tight fit, thus causes the CVD to feel tight,
this has no issue once installed, the rear CVD has no angle to follow when on
the car! I imagine this will loosen up after a tank or two anyway.

The captured hing pin setup is rather good (Iíve not seen this style before) I
like the idea in look but not sure how this will hold up when it comes to
changing diff components at trackside! Time will tell.

When the front, center, & rear are installed the drive chain feels very nice, no
slack at all. The pins on the center CVDís only just meet the out drives on the
center diff and look alarming but Iím sure that will be fine, maybe a
consideration for a future upgrade to make them a little longer and seat well
into the out drives.


I found a few things to take note of, 1. Make sure as the manual says to clean
the small screws that secure the piston to the shock shaft! I found the best way
to install them was to screw into the piston first and then screw into shock
shaft as this will greatly reduce the chance of cross threading.

2. When installing the shocks onto the buggy it does indicate in the manual to
place the shock cap insert a certain way round! Iíve found if you reverse them
(opposite to the manual) you have far less play once mounted.

The shock components are of a very good quality, TiNi shafts make the action so
smooth, the large bodyís hold lots of oil for a better damping effect, I must
also say this Losi 8 has more ground clearance than my Truggy!


Iím liking the 8 buggy very much, you have to love the design impact this has
caused and I can see why. Team Losi have entered the rally cross market with a
bang and Iím sure they will continue this trend with the 8T (cant wait).

10/10 Design

10/10 Quality of parts

8/10 Manual

9/10 Value

Joe J.

Added:  Friday, December 01, 2006
Reviewer:  Site Admin
Related web link:  TQMODELS
hits: 3562
Language: eng


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