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Topic: racing news desk
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Piraterc Race Reports : Graham Alsop 3x Paddy Piston Race Champion (5254 Reads)
Posted by admin on Wednesday, May 29, 2013 - 05:05 PM news

Paddy Piston 2013

Well hopping a short 1 hour flight from Southend to Belfast on friday evening i arrived in sunny Belfast with sunny weather ordered just for the event weekend. After a short drive from the airport i was delivered to what I can only describe as the best race track I have ever seen in person. Facilities that take racing tracks in the UK to another level loads of coverd pitting and even a few private pitting sheds now thats cool. Fully covered rostrum with enough monitors poking out that no one could ever complain about lack of information in addition to all of this there was a newly installed racer position information board. Im surprised that the UK nationals do not have this venue as a permanant feature on their race clandar as even with the traveling costs it probably work out the same as attending a 2 day national for most people. Speaking to the variouse competitors they were all echoing the same thoughs or very close perhaps this will open more racers eyes to what is truely a hidden gem.


The BADMCC team have done an amazing job of getting their track ready to host the event and deserve a massive pat on the pack for a job well done. The racers were blessed with plenty of track time with evening controled practice on friday in heat format and a couple rounds of practice on the saturday morning before heading into 7 rounds of qualifying with the best 4 from 7 to count towards your place on the grid for the finals now thats some seriouse track time.


Graham Alsop claimed a Hat Trick of victories 2011/2012 & now 2013 with his Bullitt powered Hotbodies Rallycross Buggy with a class act drive for the 1 hour A Main final

Pos Name Result Avrg Lap Best Lap Car Make Engine
1 Graham Alsop 68/3611.887 53.115 49.325 (3) Hot Bodies Bullitt
2 Bradley Baird 67/3607.441 53.842 49.152 (2) JQ Nvision
3 Ashlee Owen 66/3647.931 55.271 51.322 (16) Mugen Novarossi
4 Richard Cree 64/3537.839 55.278 50.365 (4) Agama Bullitt
5 Gary Baird 64/3608.370 56.38 49.669 (38) Kyosho Bullitt
6 Lee Bunker 64/3633.313 56.77 49.928 (2) X Ray Bullitt
7 Elliot Taylor 63/3615.475c 56.491 50.779 (39) JQ NA
8 Oli o Connor 61/3604.590 59.091 49.914 (15) Mugen OS
9 Milan Dragojlovic 60/3648.409 60.806 49.001 (29) Sworks Werks
10 Barkley Abernethy 43/2453.839 57.066 50.200 (21) Agama Bullitt
11 Jon Hazelwood 25/1433.891 57.355 49.863 (15) Agama Bullitt
12 Alan Scroggie 22/1259.916 57.268 50.973 (10) Agama Bullitt
13 Richard Taylor 14/ 776.291 55.449 50.150 (7) Losi Bullitt
14 Aaron Vance 11/ 659.556 59.959 51.102 (5) Durango Alpha

Some intresting news Lee Bunker was running the new HUDY FX Engine at the event and was running 10 mins no problem throughout qualifying and finals with the engine coming off at around 182 deg after a 1 hour final not bad statistics. It will have to go some way to beat a dominant force clearly represented by the sheer qty of Bullitt engines in the A Main and no fewer than 33 of them in a field of 64 thats some seriouse engine support.

Photographs from the event can be found in our Gallery LINK

Full race meeting results and details can be found here LINK

Watch our for our traveling article to help you make your plan to attempt to get a place at the PPR 2014 Event and become part of the elite traveling racer who has been privileged to experience this superb race track.



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Piraterc Race Reports : Haley Takes 2011 Sunshine States (1286 Reads)
Posted by admin on Friday, November 25, 2011 - 03:31 PM news
Ian Haley


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Piraterc Race Reports : HNMC Winter round 2 Reeves 2 from 2 with TLR (1951 Reads)
Posted by admin on Monday, October 24, 2011 - 03:53 PM news

Great weather meant a high turnout with 85 drivers competing this weekend the track had been rolled in the week so it was smooth and slippery so tyres would be critical.
Buggy qualifying was very close with Simon Reeves taking round 1 for TLR round 2 was Tony Truman AE new RC8.2 and round three Karl Jackson smashed the only 10 lapper of the day for TLR but Tommy Chung took TQ with two 2nd and 5th for Kyosho. Truggy qualifying was wrapped up by Rob Gray with TLR and Novarossi taking all three rounds.

Herts Winter Round 2 Rallycross

Pos Name Result Model Engine/Motor
1 Simon Reeves 30/20m 33.53 losi 8ight2.0 eu Nitrotec 
2 Reece Sawyer 29/20m 7.66 Xray 808 OS Speed
3 Karl Jackson 29/20m 11.29 losi 8ight2.0 eu Nitrotec 
4 Richard Barton 29/20m 23.95 Agama A8 EVo Bullitt 
5 Mike Cradock 29/20m 29.28 Kyosho MP-9 Orion
6 Tony Truman 28/20m 26.16 RC8.2 Reedy
7 Tom Saggers 28/20m 30.52 Mugen MBX6 Novarossi 
8 Charles Godwin 28/20m 35.81 RC8.2 Reedy
9 Tommy Chung 28/20m 37.06 Kyosho MP-9 orion
10 Jon Hazlewood 27/18m 57.21 Agama A8 EVo Bullitt 
11 Steve Johnson 27/20m 26.96 Mugen MBX6 Ninja
12 Steve Biscoe 25/20m 17.68 Bergonzoni R1 Werks 
13 Jim Thompson 21/16m 25.77 losi 8ight2.0 eu Novarossi 
14 Ian Barnard 20/14m 23.26 losi 8ight2.0 eu Nitrotec


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Piraterc Race Reports : Australian Townsville Cup 2011 (1004 Reads)
Posted by admin on Monday, October 24, 2011 - 03:18 PM news

VP Pro take TQ and the A main Truggy final with their factory team driver Ian Haley


1. Ian Haley          Serpent - Werks B6 - VP Pro - Nitro-X
2. Keith Williams  Mugen - Novarossi - AKA
3. Brad Lilic          Mugen - Novarossi - AKA


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Piraterc Race Reports : Brennan Ralls Reports from Clanfield National for Nemo Racing (1597 Reads)
Posted by admin on Monday, July 18, 2011 - 03:05 PM news

Sunday the 17th of July and Team Nemo headed to Clanfield for round 6 of the UK BRCA national series. A very wet Saturday gave many concerns if the meeting would go ahead but after all that water the track in the morning had just soaked it up or drained it away. A well prepared track with many jumps & undulations made for an interesting drive, the surface was now damp so there was very little tire wear. The Hard packed surface would be a very fast & furious.


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