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Topic: Mirage
The new items published under this topic are as follows.

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GRP UK Distribution News (849 Reads)
Posted by admin on Monday, January 12, 2009 - 03:02 PM


GRP has recently released news of their worldwide distribution policy for 2009.

As a result, it is with regret that Mirage will no longer be involved with GRP moving forward.

In the meantime, we are working hard to bring our customers the quality product they expect from Mirage, watch out for exciting news on new products and brands during 2009.

Specialist race tyres are available from Mirage with brands like Nosram continually improving their offering - we also have engines from Nosram and Orion that are world class in their field.

Mirage will continue to supply GRP product until the launch of their new policy.



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Race Reports: Double Podium for XRAY at LRP Winter Series (941 Reads)
Posted by admin on Wednesday, January 07, 2009 - 01:42 PM


Sunday the 4th was Rnd 4 of the LRP Winter Series at the Clanfield RC track, which is in the south of the UK. The track has now evolved into a motocross-style track with hugh jumps, which just adds to driving fun - making it by far the best track in the UK!


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Race Reports: Graham Alsop's D8 Hat-Trick (1158 Reads)
Posted by admin on Tuesday, December 16, 2008 - 02:23 PM


A very cold and wet Frankley greeted many of the UK's top rallycross drivers for the 3rd round of this hotly contested series.
This series is seen as one of the premier winter series and with it's testing track layout can really sort the wheat from the chaff.
HB drivers Graham Alsop and Tony Truman were in attendance as well as Richard Greenough and Ian Barnard, making there first runs out with the HB D8 buggy. Lee Bunker was also in attendance piloting the Maverick Stealth buggy.

A Final
With 3 drivers (2 x HB and 1 x Maverick), the Mirage Racing team was well represented. Graham's day went from bad to worse at the start with an early error dropping him down to 11th on lap 1. Meanwhile, Tony and Lee both went up the order. Graham started his fight-back and was soon back to 6th however Lee was soon to start struggling with electrical issues, which would soon end his excellent day. Tony was running 7th and Graham had pushed towards the front and was sat in 2nd behind TQ man Darren Bloomfield. A close race ensued until Darren was forced out with mechanical trouble allowing Graham to take the lead. With Graham and his D8 in cruise control he was able to take the win by just over 8 seconds from Simon Willets and a bumped up Craig Drescher.

Source and full  report : HERE


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Latest News: Join the Mirage Racing Team (1653 Reads)
Posted by admin on Monday, December 01, 2008 - 05:01 AM


Are you interested in joining a growing, dynamic and fun racing team?
Would you like to be part of one of the most successful racing dynasties ever?
Do you want to be teammates with some of the most successful racers the UK has ever seen?
We are actively recruiting the best racers across Britain to expand our already amazing racing team. Join us, and you can be part of the history!
Mirage has been offering racers around Great Britain the top RC racing equipment for over 15 years, providing top of the range kits, parts, service and support for the best racers in the UK.


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Latest News: XRAY products has increased in the United Kingdom (989 Reads)
Posted by admin on Wednesday, November 26, 2008 - 01:16 PM



This has been an unavoidable decision from Mirage and is as a result of international currency fluctuations.

Up until now, Mirage and XRAY have worked together to ensure that the product is made available to our customers at a competitive and fair price. The time has come that the cost of this can no longer be supported by Mirage and XRAY.

The increase in price reflects the effect of the pound against other key currencies in the world, causing an increase in costs for the manufacturer and distributor alike. This increase is typically a minimum of 25%.

In order to maintain a competitive offering the actual price rise to our customers is MUCH LOWER on average than the currency fluctuations suggest - Mirage is continuing to support all users of XRAY by keeping prices as low as possible despite increasing costs.

The quality and value of the product is unchanged and these will remain the key factors in Mirage and XRAY products for the future.

We hope that our customers can understand the reasoning behind the increase (it will effect all imported product at some point) and remind you that Mirage is committed to providing the market-leading level of service and support that our customers have to come to expect.

Source : Mirage


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