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Topic: racing news desk
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Race Events: The Midland Super Cup (1695 Reads)
Posted by admin on Monday, January 02, 2012 - 02:04 PM news
I know it’s been just rumours floating around the pits and tracks, but I got asked to run a Midlands Regional Series in 2012. I sorted a great team together and we have called it 'The Midlands Super Cup'. We have seen the need to put together a race series for the Midlands Region in 2012. We have invited clubs in the region to host a round of the TMSC and be part of this exciting new series. All the races will be running to BRCA Rules and each round will be capped at 105 drivers. If you haven’t booked in early enough then you will miss out on some great racing. TMSC will consist of 6 tracks, them being; NDOR....21st 22nd April Ledbury....12th 13th May DRCORC.....9th 10th June Nene Valley.....30th June 1st July NRC.....5th August Coventry.....1st 2nd September Click read more now


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Race Reports: Taylor Hong Nor X3 wins HNMC Round 6 (3855 Reads)
Posted by admin on Tuesday, December 20, 2011 - 05:55 PM news

With freezing weather snow hail and sun the dirt track was not used and the astro track was pegged out for a cold days racing.
41 racers braved the conditions and the cold.

123 Rallycross

Even the Camera Froze

Pos Name Result Model Engine/Motor
1 Sam Taylor 46/20m 23.48 Hong Nor X3 Sabre TBA
2 Brennan Ralls 43/20m 1.36 Agama A8 EVo Bullitt B-218
3 Robert York 42/20m 16.84 Kyosho MP-9 OS Speed
4 Steve Johnson 40/19m 53.64 MBX 6 EU Ninja
5 Chris Smoothy 40/20m 17.96 Agama A8 EVo OS Speed
6 Josh Johnson 39/20m 14.68 MBX 6 EU RB B10
7 Karl Jackson 35/20m 0.86 losi 8ight2.0 eu Nitrotec R21
8 Liam Dawney 30/20m 16.53 Losi Eight 2.0 GO GX5R
9 Richard Cousins 22/10m 53.26 Agama A8 EVo OS Vspec
10 Callum Niblett 13/ 6m 54.51 Durango DNX408 LRP

Karl Jackson and Sam Taylor dominated qualifying in the buggy class with Karl taking pole.
The Truggy class was a fight between John Geaves and Rob Gray with John Geaves on pole.
All finals were 20mins with top three to bump up.


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Latest News: Rumour on the underground Yannick Aigoin moving from TLR? (1440 Reads)
Posted by admin on Tuesday, December 20, 2011 - 05:42 PM news Well the old movement windows are well and truely open and it would seem that there is a rumour Yannick Could be about to move from TLR and setup camp with AE or Mugen for the 2012 season.


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Race Events: Coventry Model Car Club would like to announce the below special meeting… (1392 Reads)
Posted by admin on Sunday, December 11, 2011 - 03:14 PM news

“At the request of Dez’s family we will be holding a 2 day memorial meeting for Dez Chand on January 21st and 22nd.

This is the closest date to Dez’s birthday, and we hope you will join us to remember him and celebrate his life and all things Dez!! As many people know Dez loved his RC racing and Coca Cola (as well as his flamboyant racing wear during the warmer months).

On Saturday 21st January we will be racing 1/10th electric classes and on Sunday 22nd 1/8th Rally X and Truggy.

The race fees will be £10 per day with all money raised going to Dez’s family and their nominated charity. We also have a substantial number of donations, from suppliers and individuals, to a raffle which will be run over the 2 days. Booking in will be via the website and we hope that you will join us for this event and thank you in advance for your support.”

You can book in online via this link BOOKING IN HERE


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Race Reports: Kevin Brunsden Takes the Victory at RD 5 HNMC winter series (2442 Reads)
Posted by admin on Sunday, December 11, 2011 - 02:50 PM news

Rallycross winner Kevin Brunsden

Pos Name Result Model Engine/Motor
1 Kevin Brunsden 28/20m 4.54 Durango DNX408 Aplha
2 David Crompton 28/20m 9.47 RC8.2 Reedy
3 Jon Hazlewood 28/20m 25.33 Agama A8 EVo Bullitt B-218
4 Reece Sawyer 28/20m 36.69 RC8.2 Bullitt B-218
5 Tommy Chung 28/20m 37.47 Kyosho MP-9 orion
6 Simon Reeves 28/20m 40.34 losi 8ight2.0 eu Nitrotec R21
7 Matt Perry 27/20m 3.17 Kyosho MP-9 Argus 21 5 2
8 Darren Hayden-ball 27/20m 3.77 losi 8ight2.0 eu Nitrotec R21
9 Steve Biscoe 27/20m 7.52 Bergonzoni R1 Werks B6 pro
10 Elliot Boots 27/20m 20.99 Kyosho MP-9 RB
11 John Niall 14/10m 56.53 Hong Nor X3 Novarossi
12 Neil Cragg 12/ 8m 24.58 RC8.2 LRP
13 Charles Godwin 11/ 8m 36.54 Associated RC8 Reedy
14 Robert York 9/ 7m 5.39 Kyosho MP-9 OS Speed
15 Mark Tatman 5/ 4m 25.80 Agama A8 EVo Bullitt B-218


Lady luck shone again with the weather so we the national layout was used on the dirt track. 80 drivers made the trip 2012 UK AE Team

“the AE team” was at the club Cragg, Sawyer, Crompton, Godwin, Clancy, Ryan.


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