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Category: Buggy's
The news items published under this category are as follows.

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Buggy's: New Jammin X1X Buggy & X1X Truggy Debut (2181 Reads)
Posted by admin on Tuesday, November 13, 2007 - 11:28 AM

Jammin Products

Taylor James' Jammin X1X buggy

Jammin Products is proud to announce the release of the new upgraded X1-CR-FTE, X1-RTR, X1-CRT-RTR and X1-CRT. All four kits now include the Super Big Bore Shocks and Springs. The four new kits are labeled the X1X Buggy, X1X-RTR Buggy, X1X Truggy and X1X-RTR Truggy. The four new kits will carry the same part numbers and have the same pricing. Just newer technology. All four kits are available now.

# 34959 = Jammin X1X Buggy

# 34963 = Jammin X1X Truggy

# 34961 = Jammin X1X-RTR Buggy

# 34962 = Jammin X1X-RTR Truggy

Source : Jammin


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Buggy's: Team Magic 1/8 M1B Turbo Gas Buggy (1622 Reads)
Posted by admin on Thursday, August 16, 2007 - 12:38 PM


The M1B Turbo wouldn't be a Team Magic car without the revolutionary dual lay-down servo design.  In 2003 the G4 was the first car in its class to feature both the steering and throttle servos positioned between the chassis and radio plate. This new design created an incredibly low center of gravity. That's one of the reason why the G4 performs so well, so it no surprise that this fantastic design was added to the M1B Turbo


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Buggy's: New Team Magic M1B Turbo (1254 Reads)
Posted by admin on Friday, August 10, 2007 - 04:36 AM


It's here, the revolutionary buggy just got lighter, stronger and faster. Team Magic presents to you, the M1B Turbo, feature a numerous of advance upgrades worth over US$ 300.  Include the advance front & rear gear box, bevel gears, steering block carriers, flying wing suspensions arms, ST Steel universal joints...and more.  Many K Factory parts will also be included in this new kit, include the water resistant air filter, ST Steel differential outdrives, Alum. 7075 steering linkage set and the Alum. front chassis stiffener rod set. ... Available Sept. 5th, 2007.

Team Magic is proud to announce the lucky Golden Card & Sticker competition. Among all of the M1B Turbo packages, there will be one and only one lucky golden card and special M1B Turbo Sticker set in gold color. The winner of that card will join Team Magic's team of test drivers for Team Magic's up and coming new chassis (TBA).  They will receive an exclusive, pre-production chassis for their own use. The details are secret but it certainly is a very exciting opportunity. The lucky winner please show the card and contact Team Magic right away. Please note that due to the sensitivity of this product, there will be terms and conditions assigned to this prize.

Good luck to everyone!


Source : Team Magic


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Buggy's: HB Lightning 2 Pro-Evo (2148 Reads)
Posted by swebb on Monday, August 06, 2007 - 04:26 AM



The Lightning 2 Pro Evo is the culmination of a design effort between international 1/8th rallycross buggy racers and designers over the past several years. It features top-level racing features combined with a friendly, easy to use foundation that is durable and engineered to last! Experienced racers know that 'To finish first, first you must finish', and the latest Hot Bodies rallycross buggy is designed to work well in all conditions and be tough enough to take the punishment of today's biggest rallycross challenges!


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Buggy's: NEW Losi 8IGHT 4WD Buggy Race Roller (1258 Reads)
Posted by admin on Thursday, July 26, 2007 - 11:23 AM

Team Losi

Key Features

  • Factory-assembled, Race Roller format

  • Truggy-inspired XBT tire tread design

  • Body graphics for at-home professional looking paint jobs

  • "Natural" tuning guide for the novice to the expert

  • Unique narrow chassis configuration for quicker handling and ground clearance

  • Innovative drivetrain layout with centrally mounted engine

  • Oversized shocks with threaded hard anodized shock bodies

  • Centrally located dual stage air cleaner

  • 4mm thick machined and hard anodized aluminum chassis plate

  • Removable one-piece radio tray with separate boxes for the receiver and battery

  • Two battery box tops for different size receiver packs

  • Staggered brake disk sizes for better brake balance and feel

  • Sealed front and rear differential housings keep dirt out of the gears

  • Zero bump steer design with adjustable Ackerman

  • Captured hinge pins require no retaining clips

  • Machined premium aluminum 5mm thick alloy shock towers

  • Four shoe easily tuned clutch with oversized inner bearing


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