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Category: Nitro Engine's
The news items published under this category are as follows.

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Nitro Engine's: Reedy 121VR-ST .21 Off-Road Competition Nitro Engine (988 Reads)
Posted by admin on Saturday, November 06, 2010 - 05:30 PM news

Reedy 121VR-ST Competition Nitro Engine

The long-awaited Reedy 121VR-ST Competition Nitro Engine has finally arrived! Extensively track-tested by Reedy factory drivers such as Ryan Maifield, Craig Drescher, Neil Cragg, and Richard Saxton, the VR-ST incorporates state-of-the-art features in a proven package.


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Nitro Engine's: Argus Engines in Australia (1483 Reads)
Posted by admin on Thursday, November 04, 2010 - 05:20 PM

RC Pro Series

Hammer RC Imports are happy to announce that Argus Race engines are now available in Australia. "We are really excited that we have a quality product like Argus to bring to the Australian Market" All hobby shops in Australia can contact for further info

Best regards,
Paul Cornwell


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Nitro Engine's: 2nd edition of the TecnoPower (1151 Reads)
Posted by admin on Tuesday, October 05, 2010 - 04:18 PM news This is the 2nd edition of the TecnoPower "Just Better" BUGGY range of competition engines.


A new engine for proven winners, including the experience of 3 world championship titles inside! The "B01T"-21 Buggy is considered one of the better .21 size off-road engines.

After the creation some time ago of the TecnoPower "B01" and experiencing this engine at the Euro's B and Euro's A championships 2010 we have tried several solutions to improve even more this engine.
The Following features have been improved on this engine compared to the already performing "B01"

A new lightweight cooling-head has been developed to decrease the weight in the high area of the engine with 21%, besides this the extra holes will create air turbulences and so better cooling, the lighter cooling-head will lower the centre of gravity of the engine and improve the handling of your buggy.


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Nitro Engine's: O.S.SPEED21XZ-B DEBUT!! (1311 Reads)
Posted by admin on Tuesday, September 07, 2010 - 03:58 PM

O S Speed

In 2006, Mark Pavidis won the IFMAR Off-Road World Championship using the O.S. SPEED 21VZ-B V-Spec. You may also vividly remember Atsushi Hara’s victory in the 2008 IFMAR Off-Road World Championship with his O.S. SPEED 21VZ-B V-Spec II. For all prospective champions, the O.S. SPEED 21XZ-B now hits the market with a completely new design that surpasses the previous model in every respect.

The all-new champion’s engine.

With the SPEED 21XZ-B, the power you need to win is available at your command. It delivers instant throttle response and powerful torque over the entire rpm range.

The factory-tuned engine further evolves.

Based on the user-friendly features of the MAX 21XZ-B, the SPEED 21XZ-B also includes a tungsten-inserted and silicone-filled crankshaft with DLC coating; a lightweight, low-gravity outer head with many cooling holes; a ceramic ball bearing, and more — all the right ingredients to create champions!


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Nitro Engine's: RC Disco Presents Rody’s Tecnopower engines now in stock (1070 Reads)
Posted by admin on Monday, May 03, 2010 - 04:58 AM news

The first engines designed from the ground up by Rody Roem and made in his ‘own’ factory marks a milestone in this engine builders illustrious history. They are in stock at RCDisco ready to purchased by a lucky few.


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