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Category: Nitro Engine's
The news items published under this category are as follows.

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Nitro Engine's: SIIM PGR Engines - International Press release (865 Reads)
Posted by admin on Tuesday, November 13, 2007 - 06:48 AM news

SIIM PGR Engines - International Press release. 13/11/2007

Soon a powerful engine family will arrive to the RC Scene: the all-new SIIM PGR, from SIIM Racing in Spain.

The spanish brand is about to release 3 engine types: SIIM PGR S12T - 1/10 touring, SIIM PGR S21P - 1/8 onroad, and SIIM PGR S21B - 1/8 buggy.

These new engines have been proved and tested for a long period of time to ensure their performance and quality is up to today's high standards, in order to rise the top positions at international races.

Manufactured in Italy in collaboration with a prestigious engine builder, the SIIM PGR engine family will establish a new reference in the international market. Its high performance, durability and design will not go unnoticed for the expert audicences.

Check back soon for extensive information and technical specifications.


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Nitro Engine's: New Pipe's from Jammin’ JP-4 Tuned Pipe Set (1088 Reads)
Posted by admin on Thursday, September 20, 2007 - 02:11 PM

Jammin Products

The Jammin JP-4 tuned pipe is designed specifically for 1/8 off-road racing and it’s designed to improve mid-range to top-end speed without sacrificing bottom-end punch. Like the rest of the JP pipes, the JP-4 features a smash-proof billet stinger and reliable spring coupler design. The JP-4 is IFMAR legal, which means that you can race it at sanctioned events, and it’ available in two different coatings; hard-anodized or nickel plated chrome. According to OFNA, the nickel plated finish is practically impervious to stains. Both versions include 2 coupler grommets, springs, setscrew and a spring-loaded pipe hanger.

Jammin JP-4 Tuned pipe – Item no. 10128 (hard-anodized), 10129 (nickel plated)

source: RC Action


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Nitro Engine's: RB Magnesium Lightweight Heatsink Head (1289 Reads)
Posted by admin on Wednesday, September 19, 2007 - 01:23 PM

CML Distribution

RB Magnesium Lightweight Heatsink Head


Lowering the center of gravity is a main concern for any driver. This is why the R&D department of RB designed a new lightened head.

Using the magnesium was a first step, but the heat conductivity of the magnesium is pretty different compared to the aluminium.

This is why Rody designed a brand new head to have more fins around the hot spot of the plug. After some testing, our team drivers proved that the cooling of the engine is similar to the original head and that the car is much faster due to the lower CG.

This Light head fits any RB engine with separated combustion chamber: it receives a dark grey coating and the new L2G logotype.

This head will be produced in a limited quantity as an optional part.

RRP: £69.99

Source: CML


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Nitro Engine's: O.S. T-2050SC Mark Pavidis World Champion Edition Pipe (2348 Reads)
Posted by admin on Wednesday, September 12, 2007 - 01:53 AM

O S Speed

O.S. T-2050SC Mark Pavidis Tuned Pipe With Manifold

This is the O.S. T-2050SC Mark Pavidis World Champion Edition polished one piece tuned pipe with manifold. This is the one piece variety and includes an off-road manifold, which attaches to the tuned pipe using three small springs (included). This pipe is designed specifically for O.S. engines such as the O.S V-Spec engines and is one of the best pipes for those engines providing excellent bottom end and top end performance. Includes tuned pipe, manifold, three small retaining springs, two springs to wrap around the engine crank case and two exhaust gaskets.

Source:  AMain Hobbies


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Nitro Engine's: New engine from JP Eagle 21 B-7t (1073 Reads)
Posted by admin on Saturday, September 08, 2007 - 02:40 PM

JP Racing


Eagle 21 B-7t

Eagle 21 B-7t engines are intended for 1/8 Buggy or Truggy. They were developed to give you the best current performances. The new sleeve system insures the best compromise between power, flexibility and autonomy. The new exhaust design of the slave as been studied for a better compromise between power and fuel consultation.
Eagle engines have a good fuel consumption and many time go more than 8 min with a tank.
Eagle Buggy is assembled with high speed bearings. The front bearing is special with 2 rubber shields (in and out) compared to hard dust or water conditions. The main bearing is special with the balls line closed to the axle of the conrod to decrease flexions and vibrations of the moving parts. Eagle engines are coming in two versions: Normal glow plug or Turbo glow plug.
We present you here the version with Normal glow plug.

Source : JP Racing


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