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Category: Race Reports
The news items published under this category are as follows.

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Race Reports: Radio Race Car 1/8th off road series (1033 Reads)
Posted by admin on Tuesday, May 01, 2007 - 07:32 AM


The first round of the Radio Race Car 1/8th off road series was run at the Junction28 venue and saw a dominating performance from Jon Howells with his Picco powered Hyper 8. Jon took the TQ in every round of qualfying and went o­n to take a comfortable win in the main 20 minute final, winning by a clear lap. Jon was backed up by HoBao team mate Andy Reynolds, who after some poor luck in qualfying made his way through the B final and went o­n to take a well earned 3rd overall in the main final.Both Jon and Andy were using the new Picco P3-R clubmans engine, Proline Crimefighter tyres and O'Donnell fuel.The series moves o­n to Tamworth next where the HoBao team will look to carry o­n their good form.

Source : CML


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Race Reports: XB8TQ Wins BRCA UK National - Rnd 2 (1921 Reads)
Posted by admin on Monday, April 30, 2007 - 01:37 PM

Xray Buggy

Following our successful pre national warm up race the weekend before, we were confidant that the Xray buggy was in good shape for the main race. The EMORC race track is unique in top level off road racing in that it is fully astro turf and features some difficult combination jumps. This was the 3rd national that the club had held, but for this year some layout changes had been made, giving a more raceable circuit. At the previous 2 national Jon Hazlewood had TQ and won at both events which again fuelled more confidence.

Source and full report : Team Xray


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Race Reports: CML Domination (1767 Reads)
Posted by admin on Monday, April 30, 2007 - 06:39 AM news Round 2 of the BRCA 1/8th off road series took place at the outstanding EMORC facility near Basildon with some superb racing by the CML team drivers.

The qualifying sessions saw a repeat of the CML team dominance from the first round at Sandy, with Neil Cragg o­nce again placing his RB powered Associated RC8 o­n pole. Neil proving that you dont need to practice for hours o­n this track to be fast! neil was o­nce again followed in qualifying by David Crompton (Team Magic/RB) and Graham Alsop (Ho Bao/RB) in a repeat of the Sandy top 3. John Holmes also qualified direct into the final in 6th with his Ho Bao/RB combination. All these drivers were using Proline Bow-Tie M2 tyres. Paul Bradby was promoted out of a very competitve B final to join his Ho Bao/RB team mates in the main final.

Source and Full report: CML


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Race Reports: ACT State Titles 2007 Finals Day 3 (1790 Reads)
Posted by admin on Sunday, April 29, 2007 - 01:55 PM news

ACT State Titles 2007 Finals Day 3

Martin Wolhuter takes out 1st ACT State Titles!


It was a fantastic finale to the 2007 State Titles with Martin Wolhuter taking it out however he had to fight Ari Bakla all the way to the end in a neck and neck thrilling final four laps with some of the best action I have seen in many years!


The final positions in 1/8 Buggy are

    1. : Martin Wolhuter - Hong Nor
    2. : Ari Bakla - Team Magic M1B
    3. : Zac Ryan - Hong Nor
    4. : Justin Millan - Hong Nor
    5. : Wayne Walker - Mugen Seiki
    6. : Logan Breuscher - Hong Nor
    7. : John Bateman - Kyosho 777
    8. : Luke Swinkles - Hong Nor
    9. : Nick Morris - Losi 8ight
    10. : Steven Drygalla - Kyosho 777

Source and Full report: Rubeduderc


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Race Reports: ACT State Titles 2007 (948 Reads)
Posted by admin on Friday, April 27, 2007 - 11:05 AM news
Our New Partner site has great coverage of the ACT State Titles 2007 - 1/8 Buggy & Stadium

Day 1 Practice and early Qualifiers

Here are the results from day one practice and early qualifiers to what is turning out to be a nice event with plenty of fast action as the track begins to give grip!



It was a great day and a fantastic start to the business end out at the track today. It just got faster and faster. A few guys don’t like the carpet as they are finding out there’s no room For errors on the jumps and its catching a few of them out.

Apart from that the layout has been very well received with the track itself having blue grooved for about the last 3 hours of the day, producing some seriously fast times from Martin Wolhunter, Luke Swinkels, Nick Drygalla, Logan Bruecher, Justin Millan and Ari Bakla all into 16 lap runs. Fastest time of the day was set by Martin Wolhunter at a 36.849.

Martin has his car hooked up for some serious speed and has had a smile on his face all day so lets see if that smile will hold out as plenty of drivers are putting on a great show in the chase for the Title.

RDRC will have pictures tomorrow night and more results so keep watching but for now here are the results for Buggy and Stadium in the links below.

Check out day1 final results for Buggy HERE

Check out day1 final results for Stadium HERE


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