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Category: Race Reports
The news items published under this category are as follows.

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Race Reports: 7th Annual Proline Nitro Maxx in Beaumont (810 Reads)
Posted by admin on Thursday, May 24, 2007 - 01:16 PM

Horizon Hobbie UK

Over the past weekend the Losi crew was in full force racing the 7th Annual Proline Nitro Maxx in Beaumont, CA. In 1.10th Gas Truck qualifying it was Losi’s Adam Drake dominating qualifying by taking TQ in each round of qualifying. Adam was also the man in 1.8th by taking TQ honors with his Team Losi Racing 8ight. During the mains “The Drake” continued his winning ways by taking the overall win in the 30 minute main with his Team Losi Racing XXX-NT AD2. In Truggy it was Losi’s Billy Fischer and Phillip Atondo going 1-2 respectively with their Nitrotane powered Team Losi Racing 8ight T Race Roller.

Source : Horizon Hobby UK


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Race Reports: Markus Eirenschmalz Wins with XB8EC (820 Reads)
Posted by admin on Thursday, May 24, 2007 - 12:42 PM

Xray Buggy

It is the weekend of April 28/29… blue skies and almost 30°C … perfect conditions for this exciting race in Sand am Main.

About 100 drivers attended the race for the qualification to the South German Championship. The racetrack was full of bumps and the humidity the weeks before made a real hard ground for the material and the drivers. Markus Eireschmalz, who was placed 3rd after the first runnings, was in second in the semi-final. After a clear final he won with 61 laps ahead of Robert Klier with 59 laps and Andreas Ertl with 58 laps. The XRAY XB8EC in combination with the right setup, the RB WS7III, and a real good driver was not overtake-able.

1. Markus Eirenschmalz - XRAY XB8 EC
2. Robert Klier
3. Andreas Ertl

Source : Team Xray


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Race Reports: China 1:8 Off-road National Championship 2007 (667 Reads)
Posted by admin on Monday, May 21, 2007 - 12:37 PM news
User inserted image

Nanda NRB3 won the race and Hongnor won TQ.
The China 1/8 Off-Road National Championship 2007 (Guangzhou Race, Canton) is a really big off-road race in China(including Hongkong, Macau and Taiwan). The drivers come form allover the mainland China, Taiwan Province, Hongkong and Macau, furthermore some oversea drivers such as Austrilia, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia joined the race. Especially, some RC Manufacturer send the Factory Team to joined the race, Team Nanda, Team Hongnor, Team OCM, Team Hobao etc...In other words, this race will be high-level race in Asia. More than 100 drivers join this race.
The race held in "FT Racing Track", which is a new off-road track in Guangzhou. The Track is not very far from the city center, drivers and fans go there are convenient. Yesterday, in the qualify race, Team Hongnor driver: Ye Xiaqing got the TQ. In today A Final, there are 13 drivers in A final: 5 Nanda NRB3 and

        1. Hongnor X1CR in A Final, 2 OCM DT-19 and 1 Kyosho MP777 in A
Final. After a one hour race, the winner is "Chen Wuzhong" who's driving Nanda NRB3 Pro and SH Engine, the 2nd place is "Zhu Minghui" who's driving Nanda NRB3 Pro and Novarossi Engine, and the 3rd place is "Wang Wenpei" who's driving Hongnor X1CR-FT and FC Engine. Give you the result and photos. keep in touch.
    Name                Car                       Engine             Team
        1. . Chen Wuzhong  Nanda NRB3 Pro    SH                  Team
        1. . Zhu Minghui       Nanda NRB3 Pro    Novarossi       Team
        1. . Wang Wenpei    Hongnor X1CR-FT   FC-21             Team
        1. . Lin Changda       Hongnor X1CR-FT  JPX-21           Team
        1. . Zhan Wei           MP777                  OS                 
Team Shenzhen FT
        1. . Cheng YiKuan    Hongnor X1CR-FT  JPX-21            Team
        1. . Teng WeiLiang   Nanda NRB3 Pro   SH                    Team
        1. . Chen Lianghan   Nanda NRB3 Pro   SH                   Team
        1. . Theo Assa         OCM Kaos-DT-19   AXE-Rossi       Team OCM
        2. .Wenyi               X1CR                    RB              
    Personal(singapore driver)
        1. .Lin Youxing       Nanda NRB3 Pro                          
Team Nanda
        1. .Ye Xiaqing (TQ)        Hongnor X1CR-FT  JPX-21      Team
        1. .Didian Ho          OCM Kaos-DT-19                         
Team OCM

Source: RCFORUM &


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Race Reports: UK Truggy Pro Round 1 Race Report by Neil McRae (1166 Reads)
Posted by admin on Monday, May 21, 2007 - 12:16 PM


A beautiful Sunday morning greeted over 110 race entrants to the first ever round of the BRCA UK Truggy Pro and Monster Truck Championship at MaxBashing Track near Guildford in the south of Britain.

The combination of Astro, grass, dirt and big air kept all drivers guessing on tyre choice with many drivers opting for Proline BowTie MTR and Hobao Hyper ST Tri's in order to get the most grip on the various surfaces.

Winners: Alsop, Hazlewood, Holmes


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Race Reports: Euro's Warm Up Report (1084 Reads)
Posted by admin on Monday, May 21, 2007 - 12:12 PM

Horizon Hobbie UK

This past weekend was the warm-up meeting for the Rally Cross Euros to be held in Auxerre France later this year. The track is well known to most of the drivers and was the venue of previous European championships only a few years ago. Used regularly by the French Federation to hold some of their national and club events the host club and organisation have all the required experience to run one of the premier events of the year.

On arrival it was evident that the competition was going to be very tough with all of the major company players in attendance with full team support. The track initially was very dusty and low in traction but this soon changed into a high grip track with a fantastic blue groove and the lap times simply fell turning the track into an incredibly fast layout. The track stood up very well to the punishment from all the cars and with only a few sections developing some rough ground the racing simply got closer and closer.

The British Losi team had a little bit of a mixed bag of luck during qualifying. Stewart Wilcox and David Spashett simply couldn't finish a clean run while Reece Sawyer drove exceptionally well to qualify 29th and only one place behind the eight times national champion David Crompton. This was also the first time the Horizon/Losi/Novarossi drivers had the chance to use the very latest spec engines from Novarossi. The team were given the option to use two types of engine, both providing exceptional power and performance and yet still very controllable. The NPLUS215K proved to be an excellent all round performer with great power and still capable of making just over nine minutes on fuel with ease and without stress. The new 367buggy21 was the second option. The power was astounding and provided an amazing top speed. With both engines we found the following to be the best set-up: Carb Insert 7.5mm, Plug NC6G std type, Short round manifold with a 2015 or 2006 pipe or Short manifold square with 9901 pipe


Source and full report: Horizon Hobby UK


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