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Category: Race Reports
The news items published under this category are as follows.

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Race Reports: 2007 Airtronics Off-Road Championships Jul. 21-22 (919 Reads)
Posted by admin on Monday, July 30, 2007 - 04:54 AM

Pro Line

At the 2007 Airtronics Off-Road Championship race held at Revelation Raceway in o­ntario, CA, saw Ronda Skelton dominate the Pro Buggy class in a 45-minute A-main battle; finishing 2 laps ahead of 2nd place Andrew Smolnik, and 5 laps ahead of Nick Hartman in 3rd.

Congratulations Ronda & Andrew!
1:8 PRO Buggy A-main
Source : Proline Racing


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Race Reports: XRAY Report of the 1/8 Off-Road European Championship Race report (843 Reads)
Posted by admin on Friday, July 27, 2007 - 12:19 PM

Xray Buggy

The 2007 European Championship returned to France after last year's Euros in Spain, where the Team XRAY did a fabulous job by capturing the European Championship title. The track is located in a beautiful area near a river and forest outside of a small city Auxere, 150km from Paris. This year the skills of every driver were verified by the very technical and super-fast flat track. The track was one of the most technical off-road tracks consisting of areas of very flat mud, parts with the bricks and stones, with other areas of super-smooth and slippery paving. Many of the off-road drivers used to large jumps commented this to be a more of a touring car track... which looked logical... as there was only one super-easy double jump and one large jump, the rest of the track was more less flat track. However, everyone who expected this to be an easy track found out that the opposite was true. With so many different parts of the track and the technical layout the cars were super-sensitive to setup. Even a small mistake on the track made a loss of tenths of places.

Team XRAY made very extensive preparation for these Euros, participating at the warm-up race as well as making practice sessions to test and work on the setups. The XRAY support team was of course available at the Euros with the service vehicle fully loaded with spare parts as well as a promotion tent that showcased the entire product line. Every XRAY driver has received first class service and support during the whole week, getting the starting start-up package loaded with plenty of new parts and products for use as well as for further testing, as well as any other spare parts or option parts needed. The set-up sheets were available to all XRAY drivers and Yannick was the ultimate technical support person for any XRAY drivers with questions.

Source and a very nice report : Team Xray


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Race Reports: XT8 Dominates US Monster Truck Championships (817 Reads)
Posted by admin on Thursday, July 26, 2007 - 11:10 AM

Xray Buggy

1st Jason Branham – XRAY XT8
2nd Mike McCrary – XRAY XT8
3rd Rocco Margiotta – XRAY XT8


The US Monster Truck Championships were recently held at Johnny Cool Guy Raceway in Euless, Texas on July 20-22. This race featured racers from around the region racing only production monster trucks and truggies. The XRay team present at the USMTC consisted of Jason Branham, Tommy Tang and myself (Rocco Margiotta). We all noticed in practice how the racing was going to be very tight and competitive as the layout was somewhat simple.

Source and full report here : Team Xray


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Race Reports: 2007 US Monster Truck Championships (943 Reads)
Posted by admin on Thursday, July 26, 2007 - 11:02 AM

Pro Line

Team driver Jason Branham wins the US Monster Truck Championships at Johnny Cool Guy Raceway in Dallas, TX. Jason sealed his win using the Crowd Pleazer 2.0 body Crime Fighter MTR tires, and Pro-Line's Low Pro Air Filter. Congrats to Jason on his win!

Source : Proline  Racing


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Posted by admin on Tuesday, July 24, 2007 - 11:27 AM

Ultimate Racing

After an intensive week in Auxerre (France) the ULTIMATE RACING TEAM has obtained fantastic results at the Euros 2007, with 5 UR drivers in the main final.

Robert Batlle, Miguel Matias, Fabio Boero, Davide Tortorici y -joseph “Pepe” Quagraine arrive to the final, and Robert after his TQ, won the final.

So, the ULTIMATE RACING TEAM wants to thank the drivers for the effort and the fantastic results obtained. Congratulations to all UR drivers!

Name.- Country / Car / Engine / Pos

Robert Batlle.- SP/Hobao/AXE/1
Miguel Matias.- PT/Kyosho/Sirio/4
Fabio Boero.- IT/Mugen/Ninja/6
Davide Tortorici.- IT/Crono/Falcon/10
Joseph Quagraine.- FI/Hobao/OS/11
Nico Rodriguez.- FR/Crono/Falcon/14
Graham Alsop.- GB/Hobao/RB/30
Nuno Casal.- PT/Crono/Falcon/33
Fabricio Teghesi.- IT/Crono/OS/35
Marc Ibars.- SP/Crono/Falcon/38
Julien Lattanzio.- FR/Kyosho/JP/39
Rene Kargl.- AT/Crono/Falcon/51
David Crompton.- GB/Hobao/OS/53
Jonh Laskaris.- GR/Crono/Falcon/83
Riccardo Acciari.- IT/Crono/Falcon/87

Source : Ultimate Racing


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