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Category: New Stuff
The news items published under this category are as follows.

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New Stuff: NEW GRP Conespike 8th tyre (1527 Reads)
Posted by admin on Friday, August 10, 2007 - 04:55 AM


GRP are very pleased to announce the first tyre designed in conjunction with Mirage Racing, the Conespike. The Conespike has been designed and tested in the UK by our top GRP drivers over the past few months.

We tested various spike designs to maximise forward traction and side bite. We had some very interesting results with length of spikes and shapes of spikes and with GRP's awesome prototype making facility we were able to quickly change and re mould the tyres to our needs. Months of prototypes and lots of laps later we had decided on the best design of spike and pattern of spikes for grass, loose dirt and Astroturf. We also tested numerous compounds and chose the B compound which has excellent forward traction and very low wear.

The Conespike tyres are available as both loose tyres with inserts for the racer who wants to change the characteristics to their liking and pre glued on White dish rims. They both come in pairs, in a GRP box with a decal sheet.

These tyres are for Grass tracks. They work very well on the mud and also on Astroturf! You cannot afford to not have them in your box as they are too good on the track and awesome value for money!

Available NOW!

GGMW11B Conespike tyres Pre Glued (Pr) MAP £15.99

GGM11B Conespike tyres Un Assembled (Pr) MAP £8.99

Source and more info here: Mirage Racing


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New Stuff: Pit-Box RB Concepts 2007 (1293 Reads)
Posted by swebb on Monday, August 06, 2007 - 04:26 AM

User inserted image

The world famous RB Pit Box is back! This incredible pal is now available again! The pit box is perfect to bring all the mechanics stuff in the pit. The RB pit box is used by the most famous mechanics everywhere in the world. There's a spot for the RB Fuel Gun, the fuel bottle, the starter box and the screw drivers. Don't miss it, it is a limited edition with the new logo and a new nice and strong bag!


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New Stuff: K Factory HD 1/8 Buggy Clutch Housing (1316 Reads)
Posted by swebb on Monday, August 06, 2007 - 04:21 AM


HD stands for super hard.  This new K Factory clutch housing series is made for most 1/8 buggies & single speed nitro cars.  The steel grade used to produce the clutch housing is the best in the market.  We test all the major brand clutch housing & come out with the best among all others.  The lifetime is at least 5 times longer than that of other brands.





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New Stuff: New Hudy 3.5mm Arm Reamer (834 Reads)
Posted by admin on Monday, July 30, 2007 - 11:17 AM


Type: Arm Reamer
Series: profiTOOLS R/C Tools

Tip size: 3.5mm
Tip length: 120mm

Source : HUDY


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New Stuff: Team Magic New Shock Bladder & Alum. Shock Cap for M1B (1005 Reads)
Posted by admin on Wednesday, July 25, 2007 - 11:14 AM


Team Magic has just released the new alum. shock cap and shock bladder for the M1B. These newly designed bladders are softer.  With the new designed shock caps, they will make sure the bladders consistently stay in the caps and have the shocks have much more consistent performances. These two parts are recommended to be used together.

561201 M1 Neo- Alum. Shock Cap (2)

 561202 M1 Neo- Shock Bladder (4)

Source : Team Magic

Source : Team Magic


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